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Wash O’Hanley on Terry Jones and Quran Burning

Friday, September 10, 2010

It looks like this Mr. Terry Jones has gone from canceling his Quran burning after speaking with a local Imam to “putting it on hold” after finding out the New York City Islamic Center wouldn’t be moved:

Jones, leader of the Gainesville, Florida-based Dove World Outreach Center, announced he will travel Saturday to New York to meet with the religious leader behind the planned center, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, about a new location.

But that, too, was questioned.

Rauf and Imam Muhammad Musri, a Florida Muslim leader who appeared with Jones, said later no agreement on a meeting or relocation of the mosque had been reached.

Jones insisted the church “put a temporary hold” on the Quran burning event after he had been told by Musri of a deal to move the New York mosque.

“I am actually very disappointed and very shocked because if this turns out to be true, he [Musri] clearly, clearly lied to us,” Jones said Thursday evening. (More)

At this point I don’t know what to believe anymore. I’m getting tired of all this back and forth from Jones. One day he wants to burn the Quran, the next he doesn’t, then he isn’t sure. Make up your mind! We all know Terry Jones used to be the best Quran-burning Pastor in America… back in like 1996. But it’s 2010 right now and Jones, while still burning Qurans at a high level well past his prime, is just a shell of his former greatness. The guy holds all the records and I think it’s safe to say that unless a young prodigy comes out of nowhere those records are safe. At this point I feel like Jones is just burning Qurans for the publicity, the money, and to keep racking up stats and records.

No one is denying he had a good 2007, and his 2009 was unreal for someone his age, but to come back to Quran burning on such short notice after nearly 6 months rehabbing the tennis elbow he developed from throwing so many Qurans on a pyre in January is going to come back and haunt him. Folks, Terry Jones just isn’t at 100% and I feel like he’s going to hold his entire congregation back by making another unnecessary comeback. The Dove World Outreach Church has a lot on their plate, and I just feel like while Terry Jones is the most important pastor in their history, there are young up and coming pastors riding the bench right now that need to get some time behind the pulpit if they are going to develop and help this church in the future.

It’s time for Terry Jones to step away from Quran burning, as hard as that may be for him. He has dedicated his entire life to burning Islamic holy texts and has accomplished more than any other Islamophobe will ever achieve. To put it simply: he needs to step away with dignity before it’s too late. It would honestly be a shame if he sat around these next few days wasting his church’s time as they try to move on, only to decide at the last second that he wants one last shot at glory a couple of hours before the first book gets set ablaze. Even if he does come back he’s going to be rusty and I don’t think the fans who have spent the last 18-20 years following his career want to watch him attempt to throw a book on the fire only to have it get intercepted by a New Orleans Saints defensive back while three of their D-linemen crush him and break his legs. 



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