Manchester City 3-0 Watford (FA Cup Third Round)

Manchester City crest

Manchester City crest (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m sure that a lot of you Watford fans were just as excited as I was when you watched the third round draw. I bet that you were even more excited when you found out that Watford drew Manchester City away, it must have got you buzzing. I know I was.

So after many days had gone by, I was able to buy an away ticket for the game and a coach ticket for the game as it was cheaper than going by train to Ashburys. So when it finally came to the day, I couldn’t help but feel excited. I got on the coach at 8:45am to make the long trip north to Manchester with my fellow Watford fans that filled up 16 coaches. While playing ‘Temple Run’ on my tablet, I had a few thoughts about the game such as who was likely to be playing for us, the strength of the Manchester City side and how many Manchester City fans would turn up.  I already knew that Watford would be taking 6,000 fans which was a sellout.

We then arrived at the Etihad Stadium at 1:30pm and had to wait half-an hour before we could actually get inside to the ground. They were offering boomsticks outside but I didn’t take on as I felt a bit too old to be banging boomsticks together. I finally got inside the ground and it gradually filled up. The away end was packed, both upper and lower tier. To Manchester City’s credit, a lot of them did turn up with as the official attendance was 46,821.

On the game itself,  Manchester City put out a very strong side so it became unlikely that Watford could cause a ‘cupset’. However, we defended valiantly and gave everything we got and even gave the home fans a few scares by creating a few chances for ourselves. We gave as good as we got and didn’t disgrace ourselves but at the end of the day, class showed. City went on to win 3-0 with goals coming from Carlos Tevez, Gareth Barry and Marcos Lopes.

City of Manchester Stadium

City of Manchester Stadium (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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