Watford August Summary

So, the first month of a new season of the Football League has just passed. Watford are in the relegation zone with 3 points. These have come from three draws, not a win. So as you can probably guess by now, Watford haven’t picked up their first win of the season and this is home and away.

I do appreciate that players need time to gel and with a new manager in charge, this will take time but I feel that all fans should get behind Sean Dyche and the team no matter what. After picking up a 2-2 draw after being 2-0 up, I could see that some of the problems, mostly defending, have not disappeared. It still boggles me why our defending is not up to scratch when we’ve had two former defenders in charge of the club. I am of course, talking about Mackay and Dyche.

You can have your own opinions, but I honestly feel that it might be a long, hard season for the Golden Boys. Unfortunately unless things dramatically change, we will not be competing for a playoff place but Watford are working within a tight budget so I don’t many fans will be disappointed if we don’t end up in the play-offs.

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