So who else do England have to play in Group G?

In group G, England have to play four other countries to qualify for the Euro 2012 which will be hosted by Poland and Ukraine. In group G, there is England, Wales, Montenegro, Bulgaria and Switzerland. By seeing the group, I can see no guaranteed wins, unlike the World Cup 2010 qualifying when we had Andorra and Kazakhstan. England will have to play these four teams twice, home and away.

Since 1980:

Team                                P                  W                D             L         Goals For   Goals Against

Bulgaria                            1                    1                0              0                4                  0

Montenegro                     0                    0                 0             0                0                  0

Switzerland                      7                   4                  2             1               13                  7

Wales                                7                   4                  1             2                9                  6

Above, I’ve put a table of statistics that show how dominant England have been against their current Group G opponents in the Euro 2012 qualifying campaign. From the table, you can clearly see that since 1980, England has played Bulgaria once, yesterday, and have never played Montenegro. However, you can also see that England have won the majority of the games played against Wales and Switzerland and have scored lots of goals against them but have conceced quite a few, 6 and 7. But, this has been over 7 games for both teams. Therefore, we are quite dominant against Wales and Switzerland as the statistics show.

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2 Responses to So who else do England have to play in Group G?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great article about Euro 2012, it will be great events, while preparations for the event do not go well.

  2. There are only about a year and start the next great celebration of European football.

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