Has Theo Walcott got a footballing brain?

Theo Walcott has a few critics, like Chris Waddle who made that infamous remark that Theo Walcott hasn’t got a ‘footballing brain’. I think this remark is a tad too harsh on Theo. After seeing Theo’s performance yesterday against Blackpool. I thought that Theo was unplayable and scored three breathtaking goals. His movement was first class and showed great awareness and showed what he can do by running at defenders with tremendous amounts of pace which was non-existent against Mexico and Japan. However, he was up against Stephen Crainey who is not a great or speedy full back. I think that he’ll answer his critics if he does what he did yesterday against tougher full backs such as Ashley Cole and Patrice Evra. Also, I’ll agree with some pundits, who say that when Theo has lots of time on the ball, he does choose the wrong options like he did yesterday. This was when he got into the box and wrongly decided to shoot instead of squaring it to Chamakh. That’s my only criticism. Theo is much better and chooses the right options when he doesn’t have time on the ball. Anyway, let’s not forget that Theo is only 21 years old and still has plenty of time to develop. So does Theo have a ‘footballing brain’? I think he is close to having one, if not, he does have one. He just needs to work on his decision making when has time on the ball. Besides, what does a player need to have so he can be classed as a footballer with a footballing brain. I’ve always thought that if you are a footballer or play football then you do have a footballing brain but I’m not an expert in that field, so if I’m wrong, I’ll accept that. Do you agree and can someone please enlighten me in to what a footballing brain is.

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