Benfica (Estádio da Luz) trip

During my cruise trip, I got a chance to visit Lisbon or in Portugese, Lisboa. The first sight I saw had to be Estádio da Luz, Stadium of Light, as I’m very keen on football. After getting  out at the train station called Colegio Militar/Luz, I made my way to the ground and after a 5 minute walk, you come across the stadium, and one of the first notable things that you see is an incredible statue of Eusebio, a Benfica and Portugal legend. After making your way round the stadium, trying to find the main entrance, you come to the point where you can buy a tour of the stadium for about 10 euros each. I did this and I think that it’s well worth it and that 10 euros is a bargain. You gain lots of knowledge about Benfica and the stadium. You get to see and sit in the press box, directors’ chairs, and the dugout. Plus, you get the chance to have a photo taken of you standing next to an eagle, Benfica’s nickname is ‘The Eagles’. You have to pay for it and can even have the photo on a mug or a mousemat. But, it’s worth the money. Standing next to the eagle, was one of the most amazing things in my life.  The exterior is like the Emirates Stadium but it’s still very impressive and breathtaking. All four stands are named after their 4 sponsors (Sagres,tmn , meo and Coca-Cola). Estadio da Luz is not that well known but is well worth the trip! For more information about Benfica, visit

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